About Us

Zejin Technology is a company dedicated to the research and development of technological products and solutions, focusing on promoting technological innovation and improving people's quality of life. We firmly believe in the power of technology and are committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products and services.

our mission

Zejin Technology's mission is to improve people's lives and promote social progress through technological innovation. We uphold the belief that technology changes the world, continue to explore and innovate, and create a better future for our customers.

core value

Innovation: We uphold the spirit of innovation, constantly pursue technological breakthroughs and product innovation, and provide customers with better solutions.

Quality: We pursue excellent quality and strictly control product quality to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

Customer first: We focus on customer needs, listen to their voices, and provide customers with personalized and professional services.

Teamwork: We value teamwork, focus on sharing and learning, and work together to grow together.

Our products and services

Zejin Technology is committed to developing a variety of technology products and solutions, covering the following areas:

Artificial intelligence and big data: Provide intelligent data analysis and application solutions to help enterprises improve decision-making efficiency and accuracy.

Internet of Things technology: Develop Internet of Things platforms and smart devices to realize interconnection between devices and provide customers with an intelligent life and work experience.

Cloud Computing and Edge Computing: Provide integrated solutions for cloud and edge computing to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Software development and customization: Provide software customization development services, customize various software products according to customer needs, and meet customer personalized needs. ​

contact us

Address: Factory Building 303, Building B, No. 1, Shangxue Science and Technology City 1st Road, Xinxue Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City

Tel: 86+755-85236980 /+8613923490278

Email: 13923490278@163.com

Website: www.tendait.com